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Wishing the graduates a successful professional life, QU College Deans praised the university's accomplishments and celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2023 | Qatar University

Wishing the graduates a successful professional life, QU College Deans praised the university's accomplishments and celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2023


As we celebrate the graduates on their special day, the university feels proud to have graduated its forty-sixth batch, the Class of 2023. Qatar University (QU) College Deans gave their speeches and were recognized for their efforts in guiding and supervising the graduates from their first day at university until graduation. The deans praised the graduates' levels of achievement and hard work, despite the challenges of Covid-19 and other obstacles. They affirmed that the graduates of this batch from QU are now able to serve the job market, as they have excelled and learned what it takes to serve the job market to the fullest. Here are some of the key points that the deans of the colleges at QU made during the graduation ceremony.

Dr. Khalid Kamal Nagi, Dean of the College of Engineering at QU, emphasized the importance of this occasion for all members of the university and focused his speech on the graduates of the College of Engineering, saying: “We celebrate the graduation of a group of male and female students from the College of Engineering, and we are proud of their success and excellence. They are now on the verge of embarking on a new journey in their lives, after proving their worth during their university years with competence and ability. The College of Engineering will always remain open to outstanding students who benefit from its resources and contribute to building the renaissance of Qatar and achieving comprehensive development for our beloved country.”

Meanwhile, Sheikha Dr. Hessa bint Hamad Al-Thani, Dean of the College of Education, said in her speech on this occasion: I am pleased that you are today standing at the doors of a new stage, moving from the standing by phase to the preparation role, and from the life of building to the building of a life.

It was said that the teacher spends his nights planning, his mornings enthusiastic and supportive, his evenings correcting, his years encouraging, and his age building, all for a better future.

And know that there are different types of teachers: the ordinary teacher is the one who imparts knowledge, and the good teacher is the one who explains, and the distinguished teacher is the one who clarifies with evidence and proof. The great teacher is the one who inspires his students, and the nurturing teacher is the one who builds their spirits and ambitions.

Teachers of the future; know that you are the foundation of society's progress, and a generation is entrusted to you. So instill hope in their souls, endear knowledge to them, and awaken their pride, for perhaps a word from you will ignite ambition in their hearts and guide the path of their lives.

Dear graduates,

Make the saying of Allah Almighty: “Whosoever acts righteously - whether a man or a woman - and embraces belief, we will surely grant him a good life, and will surely grant such persons their reward according to the best of their deeds.” (Quran 16:97), your motto in life.

Know that there are five pillars for a good life: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social. These pillars must have values that support and strengthen them, foremost of which is building self-confidence, trust in society and the homeland, cooperation for the earth’s development, embodying responsibility, transparency, follow-up, diligence, and self-accountability for evaluating and assessing one's work.

Why a good life? We live today in an era where values and identities conflict, an era dominated by anxiety, loss, and fear of the unknown future. You, graduates, are in a critical position and in an important place. Through your disciplined and distinguished performance, you can maintain the civilized face of our nation and carry the banner of this civilization to future generations.

To envision your future, ask yourselves: What are your academic and educational aspirations and directions? How will you achieve your goals? What is your ability to continue and compete?

In conclusion, I wish you a successful life, outstanding performance, and a bright future filled with hope, excellence, and faith.

Dr. Ahmed Elzatahry, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, said, “The graduation and distinction of a student at QU is not an ordinary event in his educational journey. It represents a significant turning point in the personal, familial, social, academic, and occupational aspects of life. It is a testament to the student's deservedness and excellence in successfully overcoming the numerous and diverse obstacles intentionally designed by the university to aid in the building of a strong and sturdy academic personality, honing skills, developing abilities, and pushing them to their utmost limits.”

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Ansari, Dean of the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, addressing the graduates of the college, said, “Know that meeting the needs of people and striving to improve their conditions is one of the greatest deeds that you can do, and it is an act of obedience for the sake of your own obedience. If you perform this work with integrity and sincerity, its certain fruit will be the elevation, progress, and prosperity of the country, which will be achieved through sincerity in your work and your eagerness to excel. May God grant you success, guide your steps, and make you a support, an aid, and a treasure for Qatar.”

Dr. Al-Ansari added, “Today, you are moving from a position where the country has been responsible for you to a position where your responsibility for the country lies with you. There is much expected and hoped for from you, so leave procrastination and laziness behind and let go of dependency. Prepare yourselves to bear the consequences of the trust that the country has placed in you and the trust that people have in you.”

The Dean of the College of Law, Dr. Talal Al-Emadi, praised the male and female graduates of the College of Law, stating, “On behalf of myself and all members of the College of Law, I extend my sincerest congratulations and best wishes to these graduates who persevered and maintained their determination until they achieved their goals, fulfilling their promises to their families, university, and country in attaining legal knowledge. They have truly become the bearers of the legal culture and the best advocates for its implementation in order to protect their country, laws, and customs and continue to elevate its achievements and leadership. Let the College of Law remain a pioneering center for law education in Qatar and the region.”

Dr. Al-Emadi further stated, “The College of Law will always strive to provide distinguished legal education, aimed at graduating leading legal competencies that will form the pillars of justice and law in the future. Your determination and strength of will to continue on the path and reach the highest academic and professional levels are the decisive factors in achieving these noble goals and in your future excellence and leadership.”

On this occasion, Dr. Rana Sobh, the Dean of the College of Business and Economics, congratulated the male and female graduates of the college on their achievements and reaching this long-awaited day. She encouraged them to continue their pursuit of knowledge and work to advance humanity, rebuild the earth, and contribute to the development of their country and nation. “You must keep pace with the latest advances in your fields of study and face challenges with patience and determination to become inspiring leaders who make their mark through knowledge and work and contribute to the glory and prosperity of their nation, as you are entrusted with the responsibility of building the nation. Congratulations on your success, and I ask Allah (SWT) to guide your steps towards goodness and to elevate your status. Congratulations to you, your families, and your nation.”

Likewise, on this occasion, Dr. Hanan Abdul Rahim, the Dean of the College of Health Sciences, congratulated the dear male and female graduates on this deserved achievement, as well as the honorable parents who are partners in this success and share the joy and pride of this happy day.

Today, as we celebrate the graduation of a new batch of health science students to meet the growing health care needs in Qatar and achieve Qatar's National Vision 2030, we take pride in the brilliance that Qatar has achieved in hosting the FIFA World Cup, and all thanks to Allah (SWT). With the resounding success of the hosting, we also feel a responsibility to maintain the achievements, as the expectations of each graduate has become higher than ever before. We have confidence in the ability of our graduates to deliver the best and to engage in continuous innovation.

Prof. Mandeep Singh Duggal, Dean of the College of Dental Medicine, expresses his utmost pleasure in extending his sincere congratulations to the graduates of the Class of 2023. He added, “The future holds a myriad of opportunities for them, owing to their acquisition of the necessary scientific skills to serve the job market.” He also highlighted that the College of Dental Medicine operates according to the highest international standards in this field to impart knowledge to the university's students.

On this occasion, Dr. Feras Al-Ali, the Dean of the College of Pharmacy, said: “It is my pleasure to stand here today to celebrate this new batch of pharmacy students who are graduating and pursuing their professional lives after fully preparing for them. It is an honor for us to be able to assist you on your journey to becoming qualified pharmacists ready to serve your country, your nation, and make an impact. As we look forward to hearing about your successes during your professional career, I have no doubt that you will maintain the reputation of this distinguished college through your excellence and conduct as deserving ambassadors.”

Meanwhile, in her speech on this occasion, Dr. Nabeela Al-Meer, the Dean of the College of Nursing, said, “Congratulations on your graduation from Qatar University! As you progress in your professional lives, remember to continue learning and adapting to new challenges. Always be kind, empathetic, and respectful to those around you, and use the knowledge and skills you have gained at Qatar University to make a positive impact in your community and beyond.”

Dr. Al-Meer added, “As you move forward, I would like to remind you of the unique privilege that you possess as graduates of Qatar University. You are now ambassadors of this esteemed institution, and we are confident that you will go out into the world and make a positive impact. Thank you and best wishes for your future endeavors.”

For his part, Dr. Marwan Abu Hijleh, the Dean of the College of Medicine at Qatar University, said, “Dear graduates of the College of Medicine, it is my distinct pleasure to offer my sincerest congratulations on this momentous occasion. Your dedication and hard work have culminated in this well-deserved achievement, and I am confident that you will continue to make significant contributions to the field of medicine. You have all demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a passion for the betterment of others that will serve you well as you embark on your careers. As you enter this new chapter, I urge you to continue to learn, grow, and challenge yourselves. You are now part of a distinguished group of medical professionals who are making a profound impact on the world, and I have no doubt that you will continue to do so. Congratulations once again on this tremendous accomplishment, and best wishes for a bright and successful future.”