Scientific Photography
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    Last modified: June 15, 2015 12:05:53.

    Scientific Photography produces Still Photography and Video-films by High-Definition (Digital cameras) on land and underwater.


    • Production of required colored plates, video-films, animation of study locations of all ESC projects.
    • Contribution towards all ESC Exhibitions at, and outside the ESC premises.
    • Contribution towards Community Services through the ESC projects involving environmental issues in collaboration with various local sectors and through training.
    • Technical consultancy in matters related to photography

    Facilities available include

    • Special unit for studio photography of samples
    • 3D Stereo microscope
    • Slide microscope
    • Field photography
    • Photo-Scanner for slides, films, plates, documents and maps

    Can we help you? please fill in the Scientific photography and printing form , then return it back to:

    Photography lab at ESC
    New Research Complex (Building H10)
    Zone # 2 (First Floor), Room A214

    Environmental Science Center

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